Verified Physical

Allows you to select or output only PIDs that have been linked to a physical address in the United States. Available through API and Batch.

MAID Accuracy

Returns up to 5 most recent MAIDs


FullContact WebTag

  • Improvements to the FullContact Tag. Allowing for storing Customer Record IDs in the same call as the received PID
  • Anonymous recognition leveraging the webtag and insights around individuals from Resolve

Improvements to Resolve

  • Increased Accuracy of Resolve
  • Continued improvements to our resolve and match accuracy, with improvements to name matching and the ability to match to Same PIDs for different inputs.

Interest Bundle Improvements

Improvements to breadth and depth of interest data. Along with new hierarchy allowing for better modeling.


Improved API Output Consistency

Added more sorting criteria in keys query to ensure the keys are always returned in the same order.


Increased Clarity of Analytics Information

Customers who are using the FC Tag will now be able to see detailed analytics information in Platform, which includes gender, age, education, demographics, and digital ID details, on their Platform account.


Added Individual Plus fields to Zapier Integration

Customers with an Individual Plus insight bundle can build Zaps that make use of all of the additional person enrich data fields that are returned. The upgraded fields will always be returned empty for customers that have not purchased the bundle upgrades.


Simple Customer Recognition in Platform

To simplify the experience of setting up the FullContact tags, and to expose recognition analytics directly to the end-user, we created a clear outline of steps to perform for setup separate from API key generation. This allows you to get started with the FullContact tag easier than ever.
Set Up Customer Recognition Tag


Added Ability to Disable Autocorrect in Email Verification API

  • Any email with common mistakes in the domain is autocorrected by default and then verified.
  • There had previously been no way to disable autocorrect. Users can now send autocorrect=false as a query parameter in the Email Verification GET API request to disable the autocorrect feature.
    Verification Overview