Introduction to FullContact™

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Introduction to FullContact

Welcome to FullContact, a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands. We deliver the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter. We’re happy to help you accomplish your Identity Resolution needs. This section is designed to get you started using FullContact in as little time as possible.

FullContact enables you to enrich your contacts using first and third-party identifiers, resolve anonymous website traffic down to a unique persistent identifier and collect and store consent.

FullContact can help improve the customer experience by tying together disparate datasets, recognizing your customers as they engage with you across digital channels, enriching your dataset with audience insights, and applying incremental digital identifiers to allow you to maintain a consistent and personalized customer experience no matter where your customers engage with you.

FullContact accepts identity fragments as inputs (email, phone, name + address, etc...) and - using our person-centered graph - unifies and maps these disparate identifiers into a single person. In addition, FullContact can provide additional rich insights about your customers to drive personalization all in a privacy safe manner.

The Identity Graph

Our graph consists of data fragments of an individual, which are connected to build a whole-person picture. This includes both personal and professional identities and hundreds of marketing attributes about a person which can be queried by the graph to identify the individual person from the billions of people in the Identity Graph. As a person’s data changes, our graph dynamically updates, making observations to choose the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What Data Can Be Sent to FullContact?

FullContact can accept one or many input fields representing physical (name + address, phone number, etc.) and digital (Hashed Emails, Mobile Ad IDs, social handles, etc) attributes of a person. When using the Resolve API product, PersonIDs and RecordIDs can also be accepted. Read more about accepted inputs here.

The more contact data inputs you can provide, the more accurate and precise we can get with our Identity Resolution capabilities. If your multi-field request contains incomplete identifier combinations alongside valid inputs, only the valid inputs will be used to identify and enrich an individual:

For example, if a name/address combination is invalid, but a valid email is provided, only the email will be used to look up an individual.

  • names
  • postal addresses
  • raw and hashed email addresses (personal and business)
  • phone numbers
  • Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs)
  • Placekey
  • more

These identifiers locate an individual within the Identity Graph. Depending on the type of request, we will return an appropriate response.

For example, if you are querying via Enrich, we will return any additional information associated with the Insights Bundles enabled for your account. When you use Resolve, a unique identifier will be assigned to that person and returned.

Data Delivery

There are two methods of delivering data: batch or real-time API.

  • Real-Time API

    • After you set up API integration with FullContact, we can deliver data in real-time into the application of your choice (e.g. CRM, automation platform, helpdesk software, etc.)
    • FullContact delivers the most recent identifying elements about any consumer in the exact moment it matters
      • If someone visits your website, as your customer service rep receives an inbound phone call, etc.
  • Batch Export - For Custom or Large Scale Projects

    • You send us a file with a single or multiple identifying contact elements
    • FullContact matches these to our identity graph, creating PersonIDs and a custom, licensable export file for your use

FullContact Product Overview

  • Resolve Unify your incomplete or fragmented offline, online, professional and personal identifiers to a whole person with a unique, persistent PersonID.
  • Enrich: Append customer and prospect data with multidimensional insights. Amplify outreach with digital identifiers.
  • Permissions: Track and store permissions and consent of customers and prospects over time.

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