Generate an API Key

How to Generate an API Key

Let's do a simple walkthrough showing you how to create a new API key within the FullContact Platform.

Step 1

Start by logging in to the FullContact Platform. If you don’t have an account, start by creating one for free.

Step 2

Once authenticated, click on Settings in the navigation on the left side.

Step 3

To create a new API key, if not already in the section, click on API Keys in the navigation on the left side. Once in the section click on the Generate Api Key button.

A modal will display, asking you to name your API Key. We've chosen a generic name in this screenshot, but you should choose a name that will help you remember how you are using this particular key.

After naming your API key, click Save.

Step 4

After you click Save, we will display your key in plain text in a modal that looks like this.

Copy your key and store is somewhere safe. As the instructions state, this is the only time we will display this key to you. If you lose your key, you will need to come back and generate a new one to use for your integration / application.

Step 5: You're Finished!

Click Done, and you'll be returned to Platform and your table of API Keys.


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