V3 Company Search by Name Migration

V3 Company Search by Name to V3 Company Domain Lookup

On 6/30/22, FullContact will be sunsetting its V3 Company API where a customer would be able to input the name of a company to find a list of domains that could be related to the company name along with organizational name variations, logos and/or general location.

To take advantage of our V3 Company Domain Lookup API, you will need to upgrade your code and integrations that use the Company Search by Name API. While each implementation is different, this guide will walk through the common steps needed to upgrade for most situations.

Previous V3 Company Search by Name Request

curl -X POST https://api.fullcontact.com/v3/company.search \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {Your API Key}" \
-d '{"companyName":"fullcontact.com"}'

Further Enrich a Company with V3 Company Domain Lookup

curl -X POST https://api.fullcontact.com/v3/company.enrich \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {Your API Key}" \
-d '{"domain":"fullcontact.com"}'
  1. Update Your Requests. Our new API has a different request endpoint as well as a different way for sending matching criteria for company profiles.
  • API Endpoint The API endpoint will need to be updated from v3/company.search to v3/company.enrich.
  • Query Changes In our previous API, lookup parameters are sent across as keys inside of a post body object with domain instead of companyName being used as the lookup parameter.