FullContact Consent Management Feature

Having consent management policies and mechanisms are foundational to modern privacy compliance. Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) help organizations properly request a consumers consent and enforce those preferences throughout their data systems. Although common, not every organization has deployed a system that will help then gather consumer's consent.

FullContact's Consent Management Feature

FullContact requires its customers to adhere to and uphold modern privacy regulations. For customers that do not have a Consent Management Platform, FullContact offers a consent management widget that can be enabled to display on your website to help gather visitor consent.

What does the Consent Management feature look like?

To enable consent management, in the section called Manage Consent click the toggle button to enable the widget to display on your website as a part of your FullContact webtag deployment. This option is available for configuration with both the Customer Recognition and Acumen products offered by FullContact.

Once enabled, an overlay will display at the bottom of the screen on your website that will allow a user to choose to Allow or Disable cookies on their device.

How do I deploy this Consent Management feature on my website?

When you are working through the setup wizard for Customer Recognition or Acumen you will have the option to enable this Consent Management feature. The overlay shown above is included as part of our webtag. When you install the FullContact webtag and you've enabled the Consent Management feature, it will show up on your website.

Let's see where this consent is called within the tag.

If you look at your webtag script with the widget enabled, the collectSimpleConsent variable enables the widget:

var config = {
   collectSimpleConsent: true,

Notice that this config is then used from within the fc initialization function:


When you use the UI to toggle this feature on / off, its important to note:


The Javascript code will change if this feature has been enabled. If the webtag is already on your site and you would like use this feature, you'll need to come back to the FullContact platform > enable the consent management feature > and take the updated javascript for reinstallation on your website.


If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact our team at [email protected].