Customer Recognition Overview

The vital step in creating a cohesive customer journey is to recognize the person. From the moment they start interacting, deliver appropriate messaging and content during every engagement.

FullContact's Customer Recognition is a simple solution where customers can recognize authenticated and unauthenticated (i.e. known and unknown) visitors on their digital sites in real-time distilled down into a FullContact PersonID (PID). FullContact leverages a combination of digital identifiers such as 1st party cookies, 3rd party cookies and IP Addresses, as well as user-submitted identifiers, e.g. email address, phone, name, etc., to resolve site visitors to a PersonID.

Our PersonID is a persistent, portable identifier. Our Customer Recognition solution is anchored on encrypted email addresses that are authenticated by 25 billion data signals.

We’re taking the power out of the hands of walled gardens and traditional onboarders and putting it back in the hands of brands and independent tech providers.

From the moment visitors start interacting, you can identify your best customers and prospects in real-time.

  • Increase conversions and average order values
  • Improve messaging across the customer journey
  • Ensure persistent recognition across every session
  • Privacy-driven recognition