Run a Match Test

How to Run a Match Test

Our Match Test Tool is a great way to see the results of how FullContact’s Enrich
and Resolve match up against your existing customer data. Run a real test
using your data to understand what your match and fill rates are by each
Insights Bundle.

Before Running the Test

In order to ensure the best results when running a match test, we recommend you follow
these simple guidelines when preparing your audience file:

  1. Your audience file should be in .CSV format. Here is a template from FullContact’s Platform.
  2. Your list should be a random sample of your customers, with at least 100 records and up to 1,000.
    • A truly random sample will provide the most accurate results when running a match test. We do not recommend running match tests on your best or worst customer records, as that will skew your results.
    • Need a larger sample analyzed? Reach out to your sales representative or FullContact support.
  3. We recommend that you provide as many acceptable customer inputs as possible, in the correct formatting.

Acceptable Inputs and Formatting

Email Address(es)

Clear text, MD5 or SHA-256 (must generate hashed emails as lowercase after removing spacing before
and after the hash)
Clear Text: [email protected]

MD5 Email Hash: 0e75c688a5e3cb2a3027ae4d5a90af8b

SHA-256 Email Hash: f4a73f4a5b069fed3e8ff8f7d9784e012db1fd5d63cfd3ad5582c86588defcd3
Phone Number(s)

E164 Formatting recommended
Social Profile URL

Full URL is recommended over just

Both name and address must be
present and street address should
be parsed into Address Line 1 and
Address Line 2
Acceptable Combinations for Location:
  • location.addressLine1 + + location.region
  • location.addressLine1 + + location.regionCode
  • location.addressLine1 + location.postalCode

Acceptable Combinations for Name:
  • name.full
  • name.given +
Mobile Advertising ID

Android Advertising IDs (AAID) or
Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA)
mobile IDs

Adhering to these guidelines to prepare for running your match tests will help us provide the most comprehensive view of your data against our Insights Bundles.

Getting Started

Have your sample file ready for upload? Let’s get started!

Follow the step-by-step guide provided within platform to upload your file.

Feel free to check out the Person Insights Bundles and API Search while waiting for your file to finish uploading.

Once your file has finished uploading, you can now check out the test results under the All Reports tab.

The All Reports tab provides you with a high-level overview of how all the match tests you've run.
All ReportsAll Reports

The Results drill down will open when you click on your report and dives into select fields within specific Insights Bundles where you can
compare your sample file results against the U.S. population. Take a look at field-level
results for age range, gender, estimated household income, and more by clicking on the eye ball icon.

Example Insights Bundle breakdown by fields:


Need Help?

If you have trouble uploading a list or have questions about your results, please contact
our support team at [email protected]

Interested in learning more about our available Insights Bundles or ready to start
enriching your inputs with insights? Email your account representative or contact us.

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