Enrich Overview

Enrich Overview


Drawing from our patented identity graph, FullContact’s Insights Bundles fuel identity-based marketing efforts by enriching customer data files with industry-leading breadth and depth of consumer level data.

Multiple dimensions of insightful data on U.S. consumers empowers you to:

  • Gain comprehensive insights into your customers
  • Understand differences in key customer segments and markets
  • Develop richer, more personalized customer experiences
  • Find prospective customers who have similar attributes of your top customers
  • Create high-performing audiences for multi-channel campaigns

Our Enrich product empowers you to turn data into unique customer insight at an individual level, ensuring programs and campaigns are relevant and targeted, leading to improved ROI and brand loyalty.

Understanding the Enrichment Data


Our Identity Graph sees more than 30+ million updates per day. Our graph is rebuilt biweekly, inclusive of thousands of data sources, and with 240M U.S. profiles, the refresh rates vary based on updates from FullContact’s sources and manual curation.

  • Our Consumer Data is updated quarterly
  • Mobile Ad IDs are updated weekly


Our consumer data has hundreds of new sources of U.S. consumer and professional data including:

  • Overall
    • Organic growth of the FullContact Graph
    • Public record data
    • Voter registrations
    • Local property information
    • Self-reported surveys
    • Consumer purchases
    • Shopping behavior - online / brick and mortar
    • Credit card transactions
    • Social Affinities
    • Professional & Employment Data

How to Leverage Enrich

Enrich is built upon our Identity Resolution capabilities, linking disconnected and siloed identity fragments so you can offer better contextualized offers and messages throughout each stage of your customer’s purchase journey. Creating this personalized experience lets your customers feel understood and appreciated, leading to deeper brand engagement, greater loyalty, higher LTV and improved ROI.

Filling in the gaps in your first-party data with timely, accurate information from hundreds of other sources provides deeper, more insightful understanding. By gaining knowledge of your customers beyond their direct interactions with your company, you also gain the ability to micro-segment your audiences and delight them with differentiated offerings and consistent communication in omnichannel environments.

A deeply enriched database enables you to segment your prospects and customers in more meaningful ways, empowering you to understand the profiles and motivations of individual segments, identify high potential customers, and tailor a brand experience based upon understanding and empathy that wins their hearts over time. This will help you improve your allocation of resources to activate your highest spending and highest potential segments and an ability to find new audiences that look like loyal and high value customers.

Want to learn more about Enrich? See our in-depth guide here. Otherwise, let’s get started working with the FullContact Platform