Customer Recognition Acceptable Use Policy

FullContact requires its customers to adhere to and uphold modern privacy regulations. To this end, we require our customers who use our Customer Recognition web tag to do the following:

  • Post and maintain a legally adequate privacy policy on each website that uses the Customer Recognition web tag, which includes a disclosure that you use pixel tags to collect personal information from website visitors, which may then be used to analyze web traffic, derive insights, and provide tailored advertisements; and

  • Integrate the Customer Recognition web tag into a consent management process (e.g., as part of Customer’s cookie preferences), which allows website visitors to select the option of the use of the Customer Recognition web tag. However, best practice would be to have the website visitors consent to the web tag usage before the web tag is fired, similar to modern cookie banners. Below is a list of Consent Management Platforms (CMP) for your consideration in order to provide website visitors with consent preferences:

    • OneTrust
    • CookieYes
    • Osano
    • Usercentrics
    • Quantcast Choice
    • Secure Privacy
    • Cookiebot
    • DataGrail
    • Piwik Pro
    • TrustArc
    • Ketch Kloud

FullContact has partnered with Ketch Kloud to implement cookie consents on our FullContact website for online visitors. An overview of how FullContact accomplished this can be found here.

Disclaimer: please consult with your CMP of choice to ensure proper implementation on your website(s).

FullContact may periodically audit sites using the Customer Recognition web tag for compliance with these requirements. If these requirements are not met, FullContact reserves the right to terminate the applicable Customer Recognition services.

Note, this document is not an exhaustive list of legal requirements and does not constitute legal advice. You should seek advice from an attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction(s) before using the Customer Recognition web tag to understand your full legal and privacy obligations.