FullContact’s Implementation of Ketch Kloud (CMP)

Who is Ketch Kloud?

Ketch Kloud is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that automates data privacy, governance, and security through a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and enabling APIs.

Importance of Ketch on FullContacts’ Sites

The Ketch data control platform enables organizations to manage data consent and ensure that consumer privacy is respected 24/7.

This allows anyone who visits either fullcontact.com or platform.fullcontact.com to have their preferences easily managed and respected in order to create a seamless privacy compliant engagement with FullContact.

Implementation Overview with Ketch Kloud

  1. Establish the regions FullContact does business, review what FullContact does with the data, purposes and rights.
  2. Customize the experience of visitors coming to the site.
  3. Compile cookie catalog and assign each cookie to either a first or third party cookie along with the relevant purpose.
  4. Provide FullContact visitors a way to change their preferences after the consent banner has been dismissed.
  5. Deploy Ketch’s tag on FullContact hosted sites to staging.
  6. Connect Google Analytics container to Ketch’s orchestration layer, in order to enable permit propagation.
  7. Deploy Ketch’s tag on FullContact hosted sites to production environment.