Increased Flexibility in Verify Signals

Verify Signals provides high value information on contact identifiers in order to model risk. Receive rich, data intelligence signals associated with an individual to further understand current, active and/or historical elements to ingest into algorithms, flag suspicious activities and/or validate identities.


Verify Match Beta Release - IP, DOB & Employment Title/Org

FullContact has completed a beta release for its Match feature within the Verify product.


Key People, v2 Company APIs & v3 Company Name Lookup Deprecated

On 6/30/22, FullContact has sunset its v2 Company APIs along with v3 Company Name Lookup and Key People.


Email Hash Activity

Released: Email Hash Activity Insights Add-on will return additional insights for the hashed versions of known email addresses associated with the profile including first seen and last seen timestamps along with an associated activity score of HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW. The returned hashed email addresses and associated insights can then be used as identity verification and fraud signals or for enhanced marketing activation efforts. The max number of hashed email addresses that can be returned are 20.


Adding generatePID

  • An optional attribute in the API request body for Resolve, that is by default set to 'false'
  • If this header is set to 'true', a generatePid will be returned for all API responses regardless of whether or not FullContact can find the data inputs within the Identity Graph at the moment of the API request
  • Supported in the Map + Resolve API call as an optional attribute
  • This has the same number of characters as a personId - 48 chars

New Endpoint for Map + Resolve

  • A new endpoint that allows our clients to perform a map + resolve API request in a single step (identity.mapResolve)
  • This propels our ability to recognize customers, map to a customer's Identity Streme and provide back a PID all in one seamless step
  • Accelerates downstream use cases such as, personalization, content effectiveness and triggered marketing

Adding panoramaid as Multi-field Input

  • A Panorama ID is an Open Web digital identifier that can be used to link to a PID in the FullContact Identity Graph
  • We added this input to expand the ways in which our customers are transacting and therefore communicating in real-time with FullContact for their customer recognition and onboarding needs
  • Can use as input into any multi-field FullContact API request for either Enrich or Resolve

Improve Person ID (PID) Selection

To leverage the intelligence in our graph to always make the best decision regarding finding and persistently maintaining the identity of an individual, we improved the selection of the appropriate Person ID when queried by our customers.


MAID Amplification Improvements

As improvements to MAID amplification, we increased the inbound frequency of MAIDs and added the ability to constrain maids by timestamp, and added IP addresses associated with MAIDs.


Enhancing and Standardizing our Identity Streme Capabilities

  • Increased scalability, and performance of Identity Streme with lower latency, and improvements to internal systems
  • For customers, this would enhance the experience of private graph onboarding & usage and the identity resolution efficacy