The 'Why'

Lotame provides a way for brands to segment and push audiences to different digital media providers based on digital IDs (panoramaIDs, MAIDs, other cookies).

Lotame explicitly does not process or accept Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Therefore, if you want to use Lotame to target your specific customer audiences, you'll need to use a partner who can process that PII and match it with Lotame's Panorama IDs (PanoIDs). A partner like FullContact can help do this seamlessly - here's how.

First Steps


Make sure you talk with your Lotame representative first - they'll help you manage this integration.

1.) After talking with your Lotame representative about using FullContact to upload your customers PII, you should be sent an email invite to create a FullContact account - log in and create a password.

2.) You will need to provide FullContact with your Lotame 'SeatID' - that's how we'll know where to send the uploaded data, once we process it.

3.) Familiarize yourself with using the [FullContact cFTP process](doc:Data Delivery) - this is how you will send FullContact your PII file(s)

Sending Your PII File

1.) When you create a FullContact account, you will be assigned your own cFTP site - this is the location you will drop your files. It's important to drop them in the exact location described below, so that all the automated processes kick off correctly:

[email protected]_@cftp.fullcontact.com:/inbound/lotame/YYYY-mm-dd/file.csv.gz

2.) To create you customer/PII file, there's a couple guidelines we need you to follow:

a.) Accepted file formats include Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Pipe Delimited, Tilde Delimited, or Fixed Width but this must be standardized across all clients. We prefer to get the file either pipe (|) delimited or tab delimited and want to be consistent across all clients.
b.) We can accept gzipped (“.gz”) or zipped (“.zip”) files but this should be consistent for all your files
c.) The first line of every file must include a header that labels each field.
d.) You must include either emails and/or Name & Postal fields in the data file. Accuracy and match rate will improve when more fields containing PII are provided. The required format for files that include PII is as follows:

File Format

Header Record

Data Record
ab15247|John|Smith|3909 W 259TH ST||Denver|Colorado|80014|0001|[email protected]|[email protected]|+12345678910|11345678910|123b1234-faaa-1d11-1aa1-111ad1fa111f|IDFA|222b2222-gbbb-2e22-2bb2-222be2gb222g|AAID|1|2|Football|rockmusic||||||||||||||||


Even if you don't have 20 segments, we need them in the final file layout - leave them blank, as shown in the above 'Data Record' sample.

3.) Once you've uploaded all your customer PII files, upload one last file named FileTransfers_YYYYMMDD.done - this will let our process know you have uploaded your whole audience, and are ready for it to be sent to Lotame


Once your ".done" file is uploaded, the FullContact Resolve process will kick off. You should see your audience appearing in Lotame within 2-4 hours. Go get marketing!